Digital Radiography

X-rays will be necessary during your endodontics treatment; we use advanced non-film computerized digital radiography systems. Our new digital systems produces radiation levels up to 90 percent lower than those of already low dose conventional dental x-ray.

We use the RVG 6200 sensor which features an ergonomically optimized rear-entry cable that reduces bulk at the cable point of entry, allowing for easier placement and positioning of the sensor. Additionally, the newly designed reinforced cable is thinner than other sensors to facilitate placement in the patient’s mouth. For hard posterior locations and for patients with severe gag reflex we also have digital phosphor plates (PSP) of all sizes that work with the CS 7200 scanner.

The CS2400P from Carestream and XTG from DigitalDoc are portable generators that deliver an efficient X-ray beam needed for exceptional image quality while offering the full flexibility of use inherent to a mobile device. Thanks to their safey and their low radiation we can stay in the room with you while acquiring the image to ensure we have the ideal positioning for the best possible diagnostic image.