We can only treat what we can see.  Microscopes are a crucial tool to enhance the quality of care during endodontic treatment. We utilize high-end German made operating microscopes. Magnification and fiber optic illumination are helpful in aiding us to see microscopic details inside your tooth to make sure we provide the highest standard of care in cleaning your root canal system.  Our microscopes have a camera that can record images & videos of your procedure to give you an appreciation of the treatment that you receive

Advanced Optical Design: CJ-Optik Flexion microscopes are highly acclaimed for their superior image quality. With the use of apochromatic optics endodontists can detect the finest color and structure details.

Perfect Illumination: The fan-less LED spot lighting provides a well-lit treatment area with high color rendering index and 5.400 K. The spot diaphragm always shows the assistant the exact treatment site and prevents light from falling into the patient‘s eyes.

VarioFocus: The VarioFocus  with 210 – 470 mm gives enhanced working distance that keeps the microscope further away from the patient enhancing the comfort level through its plan-apochromatic built-in optics. The superior light transmission provides optimal viewing and documentation results. 

Enhanced Asepsis: Asepsis is another advantage to this microscope. It offers unique removable sterilizable handle & knobs covers. Furthermore this microscope has a splash guard that offers additional aerosol protection.