Patient Comfort

Nitrous Sedation

The Porter Sentry Sedate is a mobile anesthesia cart for use in dental offices and hospitals which carries both oxygen and nitrous oxide tanks. The cart incorporates Porter’s existing precision mixer with a new internal manifold system. This unit also comes with an Automatic Vacuum Switch (AVS) that prevents nitrous oxide from being administered without scavenging.

Relaxation & Recovery Room

Patients have access to our courtesy 4D premium reclining heated full body massage chair in a relaxing recovery room. Patient can access this courtesy service before starting treatment (while anesthesia is taking effect) or to relax after recovering from apical microsurgery.

Noise Free Entertainment

Each treatment room is equipped with a wall mounted bluetooth flat screen TV that is connected by bluetooth to a Beats noise-cancelling headset. This will cancel the dental and handpiece noise so you can relax and enjoy your favorite Netflix series or a movie while we do our work to save your tooth.