Traumatic Dental 

If your tooth is knocked out of the mouth (Avulsion):

Act quickly, within 30 minutes, and visit the nearest dentist or endodontist.

1. Pick up the tooth by the crown: Locate the tooth and handle the tooth carefully when you pick it up. Never touch the root of the tooth, only the crown.

2. If dirty, gently rinse the tooth with water: Use only water to gently rinse off any dirt. Do not use soap or chemicals. Don’t scrub or dry the tooth, and don’t wrap the tooth in a tissue or cloth.

3. Reposition the tooth in the socket immediately, if possible: Try to put the tooth back into its socket right away. Hold the tooth in place with your fingers or by gently biting down on it. If not possible to place back, keep it moist at all time (see step 4 below).

4. Keep the tooth moist at all times:  If it can’t be replaced in the socket, put it in milk, in your mouth next to your cheek, or in an emergency tooth preservation kit (such as Save-a-Tooth®).  Coconut water can also be used.  Don’t use regular tap water; root surface cells can’t tolerate that for extended periods of time. The tooth must stay moist at all times, if no proper solution is available you can place it in your mouth (or in the parent mouth in case of young children).

5. See an endodontist or dentist within 30 minutes of the injury: Bring the tooth with you to your emergency appointment. It's best to see the doctor within 30 minutes; however, it is possible to save a tooth even if it has been outside the mouth for an hour or more.

Traumatic dental injuries often occur as a result of an accident or sports injury. The majority of these injuries are minor and result in chipped teeth. It’s less common to dislodge your tooth or have it knocked completely out but these injuries are more severe. Treatment depends on the type, location and severity of each injury. Regardless of the extent of the injury, your tooth requires immediate examination by a dentist or an endodontist. Sometimes, your neighboring teeth suffer an additional, unnoticed injury that can only be detected by a thorough dental exam.

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in treating traumatic dental injuries. With their advanced skills, techniques and technologies they often can save injured teeth. If you have a cracked or injured tooth, find an endodontist near you right away. Governors Endodontics offer tremendous flexibility in accommodating emergency cases. You’ll have relief from your pain and likely save your tooth, so act as quickly as possible.