Governors Endodontics Teaching Institute 

Dr Tawil has been teaching continuing education courses and various hands-on training since 2008. He founded the Governors Endodontics Teaching Institute to continue with this passion to save teeth by elevating endodontic clinical skills. We offer several courses for general dentists and we focus on advanced surgical techniques to endodontists locally, nationally and internationally. 

Although Dr Tawil teaches at a conventional stage at several national and international meetings, this teaching institute is aimed to provide a customized unique learning experience through several options that are customizable to meet your exact needs and interests.

One option is for clinicians to come to Chapel Hill to have training over a Friday and/or Saturday in our office on surgical models. Dates can be flexible as this is aimed to be an individual experience where we accommodate about 2 clinicians at a time.  The cost is 3,000-7,000$ per clinician depending on the length and training(s) needed.

Another option is for Dr Tawil and a staff to come to your office and to provide one on one instructions on your own patients. We help review your equipment and coach you and your team with step by step instructions on your own cases (from planning on the CBCT all the way to sutures). It is done on a Friday and/or Saturday. The cost is 5,000-10,000$ plus travel cost depending on the amount of training, lectures and surgeries. We can also accommodate training for a group practice with multiple providers. Extra Endodontists in the same group office can be included for a reduced cost. The cost of treatments that your office collects can offset the cost of this training. 

Discounted rates can be offered for academic institutions and residents.

Please contact us for more information.