Surgical Piezotome Training

A special advanced focus can also be provided in how to specifically incorporate the use of the Piezotome Technology in your office to enhance your surgical treatments.

Mastering the use of the surgical Piezotome will help clinicians gain surgical predictability and safety. The Piezotome can help you become more effective and can enhance healing with significantly less swelling, bleeding, pain and complications. This training can help you master the following procedures:

This advanced clinical training can be tailored to your own needs. This is aimed for endodontists with a desire to improve their surgical skills but can also be given to general dentists adopting the dental microscope that are wanting to learn advanced endodontic surgical techniques and/or to incorporate the surgical Piezotome into their practice. This training will provide the appropriate knowledge & skills to help clinicians achieve predictable endodontic microsurgeries in their practice.

This course is offered in our Chapel Hill office and it can also be done Ă  la carte by having it in your own office. To inquire about the various training packages to train with Dr Peter Z Tawil and his staff, please contact us at:

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the indication for periradicular microsurgery.

  • Describe the differences between traditional apicoectomy techniques and modern microsurgical techniques.

  • Know the new microsurgical instruments.

  • Describe the different flap designs and their indications.

  • Understand the beneftis of a surgical piezotome.

  • Know how to use the piezotome for various surgical situations.

  • Understand the benefits of direct vision during surgery.

  • Know how to operate in direct vision with the bony lid technique.

  • Know when and how to auto-graft during endodontic surgery.

  • Know how to perfect lower 2nd molar intentional replantations.